Is Bareback Safe?

No.   Bareback is not safe.   I let anonymous guys from the internet fuck my ass and cum inside.   There may be cum from multiple guys inside my ass when you fuck my ass.   I don't ask those guys about their status.   Even if I did ask them whether they're clean, ddf, or poz many don't know their status or would just lie about it to have sex.   Old vids but still relevant.

I try to not spread any disease around.   Every 3 to 4 months I get checked and clean up anything I might have picked up.   Additionally anytime someone tells me they think they got something at my glory hole I go get checked.   Covid & Monkeypox vaccinated.

You should assume that the cum in my ass could be poz or otherwise infected.   If you're not comfortable with that then you probably shouldn't be barebacking.   My ass is only as safe as the last random guy that came inside it.

Some guys into bareback start a PrEP regimen to avoid the risk of HIV.   While it helps prevent HIV infection it does not eliminate the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases.   If you're in Austin the Kind Clinic is a good PrEP and STI testing resource.

Recently the CDC has released guidelines for Doxycycline PEP.   Doxy PEP can significantly reducing the chance of bacterial infections like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamdyia.   It consists of 200mg anti-biotic Doxycycline taken right after sex.   It's very low cost, ask your doctor about it.   Article about Doxy PEP.